CONTROLLINO-IoT is the perfect automation solution for domestic and commercial building installations. CONTROLLINO-IoT will allow you to connect any physical device and turn it into a domestic automation device. Manage essential automation of devices in domestic and commercial buildings like hotels, etc.

The automation of the home energy system, connected to motion sensors, switches, thermostats and control centres for hot water production, as well as the coordination carried out by CONTROLLINO-IoT, allow for an improvement of comfort features and great efficiency in energy consumption.

CONTROLLINO-IoT allows for the use of a standard instant messaging application for direct communication with your house.

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Your advantages:

  • Comprehensive web management
  • Practical intelligence
  • Real-time interaction
  • Monitor the wellbeing of the house in real-time
  • Time frame statistics
  • Configuration of home automation components
  • Management of climate control
  • Temperature and motion sensors with high flexibility: use almost any sensors and actuators you want
  • Full scalability: CONTROLLINO-IoT grows with your challenge
  • Safe money: our solution is priced well below our competition and you can use cheaper peripherals
  • Create something awesome! CONTROLLINO-IoT is the backbone of many successful projects and companies!


Custom-made office automation

Custom-made shop floor automation

CONTROLLINO-IoT is also available for hotels!

It can control and manage a wide array of functions and lets your guest control his room also remotely by an app. See pictures below. Request a demo now!