CONTROLLINO is an amazingly simple yet powerful, industry ready PLC.

CONTROLLINO is based on Arduino Open Source Software and it can serve all your controlling and automation needs.


With CONTROLLINO myPLC you only put the components into your CONTROLLINO that you really need.

In our online configurator you can drag and drop inputs and outputs to the position you want.

CONTROLLINO myPLC will be available starting from Q4-2017.


We have created a revolutionary IoT-solution for Home & Industrial Automation:

CONTROLLINO-IoT is highly flexible and fully scalable. It uses our groundbraking CONTROLLINO modules that are accompanied by a powerful CONTROLLINO server!

Welcome to the World of CONTROLLINO!

CONTROLLINO is an industry ready, freely programmable PLC. It is based on Arduino Open Source Software Technology. It can virtually serve any controlling, automation and data-logging purpose for you. In recent years, CONTROLLINO became the preferred Arduino-PLC choice not just for Makers, but also for Professionals!

CONTROLLINO currently offers 3 sizes of its devices: MINI, MAXI (Standard & Automation) and MEGA. Additionally we are going to offer (Q3-2017) a freely customizable version called CONTROLLINO myPLC. Finally, our own Internet-of-Things solution, CONTROLLINO-IoT, delivers even greater functionalities but without having to programme anything in C by yourself.

Find out more about our products:


Learn more about our range of Arduino compatible CONTROLLINO devices:

  • MINI
  • MAXI
  • MAXI Automation
  • MEGA

With CONTROLLINO you get all your automation projects up and running within no time and at minimal costs!


We are about to present THE NEXT REVOLUTION in open source controls! The controller that is tailormade to your needs!

With CONTROLLINO myPLC, your very own programmable logic controller comes to life! You can choose from a wide array of processors and components.

You can even customize the logos and the labelling of your myPLC device. More infos soon!


We saw the growing need for a flexible IoT-solution for home, building and industry automation. So we invented just that! Our solution CONTROLLINO-IoT is highly adaptable, scaleable and it gives you worldwide access to your data and full control over all your devices at any given time!

And the best thing: we specifically tailor each and every installation exactly to your needs! With your branding on it!


With its multitude of analog and digital inputs and outputs, CONTROLLINO is the perfect choice for almost any control and automation challenge! Additionally each CONTROLLINO offers:

  • Serial TTL Interface
  • I2C Interface
  • SPI Interface
  • RS485 Interface (except MINI)
  • RTC
  • Ethernet Interface (except MINI)


Using CONTROLLINO instead of a usual PLC is nothing less than the logical evolution of the whole concept!

Experience unprecedented speeds with logging data from sensors or with changing actuator states. How does this work? It’s because your CONTROLLINO is not carrying around a backpack filled with an antiquated operating system.

Instead CONTROLLINO gives you full control over your code, thus determining switching speeds and read cycles!

Experience the difference!

OEM & White Label Services

We offer a wide range of OEM & White Labeling services to a series of customers, both big and small. Our services include:

  • customized logo on device
  • customized package labelling

You are developing, let’s say, your own home automation product and you need trusted CONTROLLINO technology to get your project off the ground? And you want it to carry your logo and branding? No problem! Within a few days, your personally branded CONTROLLINO devices will reach your premises safely, so you can put all your effort into software development and sales!

Quickly develop your own products and rapidly grow with our experience and technology!

Printing choices for YOUR logo on enclosure:

  • laser engraved logo (starting from 1 device)
  • multi-color printed logo (3 or 4 color printing, starting with low MOQ and minimal initial costs)
  • anything is possible

Contact info@controllino.biz, get your own hardware now!



We produce tailor-made versions of our CONTROLLINOs for industrial customers with various specifications.

We can change, for example, the input and output types and their sensibility. We can change the relays (high-side, low-side), add servo and step motor drivers or add storage modules. And we can also adapt the communication and wireless standards exactly to your needs.

We can do pcb conformal coating to protect your device in harsh environments. And most importantly, as with every development, we guarantee the quickest possible time to market!

Get ahead with us as a trusted full service provider!

Challenge us with your project now!


Our customers are implementing awesome projects with CONTROLLINO. From small to big, CONTROLLINO offers a flexible solution, that can be used from prototyping to mass production. See pictures on the left.

Examples of customer projects include:





CONTROLLINO is ideal for Product Development and Rapid Prototyping!

Countless companies, from small and medium-sized companies to multinational corporations rely on CONTROLLINO for a multitude of applications. Get in touch with us now to see what CONTROLLINO can do for you!


“I would choose the Controllino over anything I could build myself when speaking of projects that are designed to be permanent or semi-permanent.”

Teodor Costachioiu


“We are developing captivating Escape Games. And CONTROLLINO is the perfect control center behind dozens of complex puzzles with theme park quality sets, video effects, and soundtracks!”

Tom Knabe

CEO, Knabe Labs

“It’s actually great value for what you get if you do the math: 16 * AC, 6A, 220V relays + 20 * 24V, DC inputs and outputs + the time to solder it all together, don’t weight up against the cost of the CONTROLLINO.”

Jan Bogaerts

Founder of AllThingsTalk

“It’s just as easy as programming your favorite Arduino boards.”

Teodor Costachioiu


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CONTROLLINO – The Revolution, right here, right now!